Sunday, October 31, 2010

What I am lovin' this week (Oct. 31)

Happy Halloween! For real this time. Here's a picture of my little sister Lizzy dressed up as Snooki from the Jersey Shore. Quite the transformation, right?

Left: Lizzy, Right: Snooki
It just makes me want to say "PAHTEE'S HEAHH!" Translated into English, that would be "Party's here!"  Onto my weekly post of what I am lovin' this week.  And my, oh my, is it a good one. 

1 "You're A Peach Dress" ModCloth 2 "Lace Panel Tier Vest" Topshop  3 "Soft Kisses Lace Skirt" Ruche 4 "Wrap Floral Lace Hem Skirt" Topshop 5 "Callista English Lace Cardi" Ruche 6 "Sweet Secrets Lace Dress" Ruche 7 "Incredible Istanbul Dress" ModCloth 8 "Tall Beaded Daisy Antique Look Lace Edged Shrug" 9 "Olaf" Badgley Mischka 10 "Amazing Lace Heel" ModCloth

And can I just say I am way too excited to share this post with you wonderful people.  No lie, I was completely dorking out at my computer and smiling as I was putting this together.  What can I say, I love me some lace!  It's no longer just for your underoos, so bring it out into the light of day!  My inspiration for this lovely lacey collection came from a friend wearing a lace overlay with her witch costume.  So it got the wheels turning and I started my search.  I present to you the final product of my quest.  Pretty good, huh?  Funny thing is I absolutely dreaded wearing anything with crinoline or lace when I was a little.  My mom couldn't get me near the stuff and if on the off-chance she actually got me into the clothes, it wasn't long before I was  running a victory lap around the house in my underwear.  I could have given Houdini a run for his money.  Oh, how things have changed. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

lizzy (pt. 3)

Why didn't the skeleton cross the road? 
Because he didn't have any guts!

A little bit cheesy?  Perhaps.  But you'll have to forgive me because it's onto day numero dos of the Halloween festivities and I'm just picking up some spooky momentum.  Shall we move onto the third and final part of posts featuring my baby sister?  Well not final final, there will probably be more to come, but it is the last of the photos from my visit home.

 sweater: AE outfitters, tank: Gap, jeans: NY&Co, shoes: TOMS shoes

 I'm a creature of habit, so here's my commentary on this outfit right here.  On top, Lizzy is wearing a cable knit sweater with a striped basic tank layered underneath.  Apologies for the stripey detail not appearing in the photo, but this leads into a very important point.  If you are a woman who has some curves, horizontal stripes can be a villainous meanie.  Quite the opposite of the wonderful lengthening effects of vertical stripes, horizontal stripes draw you out width-wise.  But there is an exception, honeys.  Horizontal stripes that are so narrow that the clothing appears solid at a distance are perfectly acceptable.  So in an effort to not look like the little teapot, short and stout, avoid horizontal stripes that are big and bold.  Pains me to say it because I am drawn to anything nautical with navy and white stripes, but it must be done.  The cable knit top has a lengthening and trimming effect with the bold, vertical cable detail running down the sides.  Dark rinse jeans also have a trimming effect due to its dark shade.  And potentially my favorite do-gooder product, TOMS canvas shoes in a light color add length to the legs.  I am absolutely addicted to TOMS and they are offering more styles now more than ever before.  'Til next time, honeys!



Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm a mouse, duh.

Happy Halloween weekend, honeys!
Amanda Seyfried in Mean Girls

I'm off to my first party of the weekend in a little bit and not going to lie, I totally forgot to snatch up a costume this week because things were kind of crazy. This resulted in hurriedly attempting to find some simple costume that wouldn't also be seen in a red light district in a store that had been seriously picked over. The result? A lovely mouse ensemble to the chime of 7 buckaroos. Fine by me! And drum roll please...
 It even came with a little mouse bow-tie.
costume: Halloween Unlimited, cardi: Target, dress: Target, belt: thrifted, tights: Target, shoes: AE Outfitters
I feel like I need some spats and a cane because I'm looking like the Rockefeller's house mouse. I decided to spruce it up a bit and add some opaque tights and a matching mulberry pucker (I'm wearing M.A.C. Rebel). So, everyone have a wonderful Halloween weekend! 'Til next time, honeys!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall is the best season (I have proof).

by Elsie N. Brady

How silently they tumble down
And come to rest upon the ground
To lay a carpet, rich and rare,
Beneath the trees without a care,
Content to sleep, their work well done,
Colors gleaming in the sun.
At other times, they wildly fly
Until they nearly reach the sky.
Twisting, turning through the air
Till all the trees stand stark and bare.
Exhausted, drop to earth below
To wait, like children, for the snow.

Don't you just love it?!  I totally intend for this little blog here to remain about style, but I think this beautiful scenery warranted a slight deviation from the normal posts.  I hope you agree!  So while I was playing hooky from class, trying to get rid of a wicked headache, I decided to pop a few advil and wander outside with my camera.  This is what came of it!  Pretty good, right?   Hopefully my landlords didn't mind me creepin' around the building, but I'm pretty sure they are completely enveloped in some black and white movie on TCM.  Now I'm off to see what my lease says about lawn maintenance because that is a whole lotta leaves that need some rakin' and I don't own a rake.  Or have the motivation to do said raking.  'Til next time, honeys!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

lizzy (pt. 2)

vest: AE outfitters, sweater: AE outfitters, jeggings: NY&CO, shoes: Nine West
Bom dia, honeys!  Now that I've pretty much exhausted all I know in Portuguese (yup, that was it), I guess we can move on.  So I have discovered that Wednesday's are mighty good for napping and blogging, unfortunately class and some cleaning interrupted my plans.  But I won't let that get me down because there is an awesome storm blowing in and I have some mighty big windows to look out of. The one thing I like about my apartment.  I gave up air conditioning and a dishwasher for big windows with a nice view.  Some may say my priorities be mixed up, I say it's all a waste if you don't have something pretty to look at.

Well, as you see, it's onto part deux of blog posts featuring my sister!  Doesn't she look all collegiate with that crest on her vest?  She is currently attending American Eagle Outfitters University (kidding!).  So it isn't an actual college crest, but there are plenty o' good things to say about this ensemble.  First of all, this vest features a faint pinstripe.  Vertical details such as the pinstripe have an elongating effect because it runs length-wise on the body.  Worn on a vest or blazer, it can add desired length to the torso.  Pinstripes found on a pencil skirt or trousers have a visually lengthening effect on the legs.  I believe 1920 mobsters were onto something.  Second, use layers to have a slimming effect without adding on bulk.  In this outfit, my sister paired a 3/4 length sleeve, light-weight sweater with a tailored vest, which achieves a layered look without looking weighed down.  Also, layering items with different necklines has a slimming effect.  A scoop neck sweater paired with an opened, tailored vest is one of many different pairings that  can be used to accomplish a slimming effect while layering.  Lastly, wear a uniform dark rinse sans whiskering or fading to slim the bottom half.  

 And if I could just direct your attention over to the right-hand column, I have put all my suggestions from previous posts into one post to reference whenever you want!  So just click where it says "Click for tips & tricks à la emily+fashion" if you feel like you need some guidance.  'Til next time, honeys!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

tips and tricks!

Tips and Tricks
à la Emily+Fashion

Tip #1
Always dress to fit your body.
 Wearing a larger size does not make you look slimmer in comparison, it makes you look even larger!  Wearing smaller sizes only shows more of what you want to hide.  Start thinking,  "These clothes should fit me"  instead of "I have to fit into these clothes" and you'll do just fine.

Tip #2
Dark colors are slimming.
If you are heavier on the bottom than you are on top, dress your lower half in a dark shade.  Other way around?  Wear a darker shade on top.  Look for uniform shading.  Details like whiskering and fading accentuate the area it highlights.  Want to slim your hips and trim your thighs?  Don't wear jeans with whiskering on the hips or with fading on the thighs.  Opaque tights in a dark shade are an alternative to wearing pants if wearing a dress or skirt.

Tip #3  
  Tops should hit at the hip.
Calling all your cardigans, blouses, and jackets!  To have the most elongating effect on the torso, tops should hit right at the hip.   A shorter length takes length away from the torso and a longer length can take away length from the legs. 

Tip #4
Sky-high heels, mile-long legs.
But hey, no pain, no gain!  High heels lengthen the leg and lift your rump.  Platform pumps in a fleshy color take this benefit to the max.  The unbelievably fashionable bootie that hits underneath the ankle bone also has a lengthening effect.  A good compromise is a stacked heel or a wedge.  It has a similar effect without the risk.  Trust me, mountain living and sky high heels are personally considered to be mutually exclusive.

Tip #5
Want to streamline?  Think A-line.
An A-line can be identified as a style that is fitted at the hips and gradually  widens towards the hem.  This style conceals full hips.  To keep the body in balance, pair with a fitted top.
Tip #6
Highlight your waistline.
 Wearing a belt at the natural waist-line to create a slimmer silhouette.  A belt worn over a loose fitting top gives structure to an otherwise shapeless garment. It will only bring you closer to the much sought-after hour-glass figure.

Tip #7
Vertical details give a longer, leaner appearance.
Look for vertical-oriented details to have an elongating effect on the torso.  Ruffles, pin stripes, and pleating that runs length-wise are just a few of many options to utilize to achieve this effect.  Scarves can also be used to accomplish a leaner appearance. Wear scarves so the ends form a long line down the torso.

Tip #8
 Asymmetry tricks the eye (in a good way).
Asymmetry can be found in embellishments, hemlines, zippers, and beyond.  Styles such as wrap dresses and one-shoulder dresses also have the same asymmetrical appearance.  By visually placing things off balance, the eye is tricked into perceiving the body differently from reality.

 Tip #9
I get by with a little help from my friend, Spanx. 
 Find yourself in need of some extra support?  Invest in some shapewear to help give an appearance that looks seamless and smooth.  Shapewear can be purchased in various styles that target specific trouble areas in need of a little more assistance.

Tip #10
 Have confidence!
A great outfit can definitely give you a confidence boost, but you have to carry yourself the rest of the way.  Even the best-dressed woman will fall short if she doesn't believe she is the best.  So love your curves and love yourself.  Only good things can follow.


Monday, October 25, 2010

lizzy (pt. 1)

scarf: NY&Co, sweater: a.n.a., undershirt: hanes, jeggings: NY&Co, moccasins:Kenneth Cole
This is my little sister.  Isn't she just dahling?  I mean just look at that precious doll face.  This past weekend, I asked her to do a little favor & let me take some photos to post on the blog.  Voilà!  Thank you for obliging, baby sister. 

On to a bit of analysis of my trendy (& far more trendy than I) sister's outfit and why it is complimentary to a curvy figure.  Eternity scarves (scarves woven in a continuous loop) are practical and a great addition to an outfit when it starts getting too cold for comfort.  The fringe detail on the scarf has an elongating effect since it is vertically-oriented.  Want to really make the scarf work in your favor? Wear a long scarf so the ends form a long line down the torso.  This will visually lengthen the torso and make you look nice 'n' lean.  Oxidized pyramid details seem to be everywhere this season. This trend is incorporated into my sister's lovely heathered gray sweater.  The asymmetrical nature of the embellishment is slimming since it tricks the eye into thinking the body is slightly different than actuality.  Let the imperfect detail of asymmetry work to create a perfect figure.  And for what seems to be the zillionth time, but I still can't say it enough, dark rinse denim is a tried and true friend when creating a desired slimming effect on legs.  So, stock up!  A personal favorite of both my sister and I is the denim at NY&Co.  Due to a killer sale earlier this fall, I'm pretty sure I have at least 6 pairs from there.  I'm talkin' BOGO free plus wicked discount for my mom being a nurse plus coupons kinda killer sale.  I made it outta there like a stylish bandit. 

Side note, I am working on putting all my tips in one place so it's easier to reference.  It should be ready in a few days, so be on the look out!  'Til next time, honeys!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What I am lovin' this week (Oct. 24)


Here is where you will find these marvelous pieces:
1.  Anthropologie "Traced Aureolin Bag," 2. Steve Madden "Beestow," 3.  Anthropologie "Many Tales Necklace," 4. Ruche "Fans for Feathers Bracelets," 5. Michael Stars "Obi Leather Belt," 6. Ruche "Avery Hair Clip/Brooch"

So, my new goal is to start stocking up on some marvelous accessories.  There's no easier, possibly cheaper way to update an outdated outfit and turn it into something fresh.  Start seeing a handbag or a pair of shoes as an opportunity to add in some color and detail.  Trust me, it can make the outfit.  So either I'm going to have to find me a sugar daddy (kidding!) or pick up an extra shift or two at work because I need to start stashin' up some great pieces.  Maybe I'll even get crafty and start making some of those adorable fabric flowers.  I'd say it's time to pay a visit to

Well, yet another weekend has ended and I'm already longing for the next one.  Hopefully that mentality won't cause the actual weekdays to suck as I wait for Halloween weekend (yes!).  So what, oh what, was I up to?  As promised, I went shopping and bought a lovely pair of booties if I do say so myself (seen here)Actually, I'm not entirely sure if "booties" is the right label for these shoes that are having a wee bit of an identity crisis.  Needless to say, they have barely left my feet ever since I bought them and they will definitely be making an appearance.

Another promise fulfilled! My sister and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon playing dress-up and photos from that sesh will be up soon.  Outdoor photography kicks crummy apartment photography's hiney.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I headed back to my hometown to visit family, so I present to you my adorable younger sister and I from about seventeen years ago.  Wasn't she cute?!  And she still is, but there is quite the chance of said "cuteness" transforming into a whole new level of p.o.'d once she sees I posted this picture.  Pfft, I'll risk it.  We were some sassy girls. 'Til next time, honeys!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

black & blue

It's been a crazy couple o' days, honeys,
but it is finally the weekend!  I get to head back to my hometown tomorrow for some good old fashioned family time, which means I'll actually have someone there to take my pictures!  No more setting the self-time to 10 seconds, running to the front door, and somehow striking a pose I am semi-happy with.  Saturday will be filled with some much-needed retail therapy with my darling sister.  I've definitely been waiting to get my hands on some adorable booties, or maybe a classic trench coat and some killer accessories.  Or one of those gorgeous silk blouses with the big floppy bow tied at the neck.  Oh, the possibilities are endless!  At least until my checking account has reached its end.  Now I ask you, what are some items I can't do without this fall?  Leave your thoughts in a comment below.  I'd love to hear 'em!

shirt: NY&Co, cardigan: AE Outfitters, belt: thrifted, jeans: NY&Co, shoes: AE Outfitters
So, let's have a little chat about why I find this outfit to be flattering.  First, the blouse is a sheer, thin material, which does not add on bulk.  No bulk=slimming!  V-necks taper downward, which has a similar effect on the silhouette by creating the appearance of a smaller waistline.  Belts are also an easy way of getting that desired hour-glass shape.  Find yourself with a set of bazoombas (ahem, cleavage)?  Ruffles and a v-neck are both tasteful ways to accentuate your better feature.  And, as always, opt for a darker color to have a slimming effect on the bottom half.  There you have it!  More tricks to hide up your sleeve for dressing that buxom body.  

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P.P.S. I will happily accept personal submissions of outfits that put these tips to good use!  Send pictures to along with where pieces are from.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

back to basics

shirt: Target, skinnies: NY&Co, blazer: Fossil, shoes: Aldo, scarf: Delias, purse: Urban Outfitters

I present to you...
my take on the basic white t-shirt and dark wash skinny jeans, which are pretty much what I would consider to be a wardrobe stable.  Just add a few more pieces and BAM, whole new outfit. As you see, I added a basic tweed blazer, a colorful scarf, some killer heels, and a BIG whopper of a purse.  Just a few things about this outfit, honeys.

Every closet should have a nice, structured blazer.  This blazer in particular has a banded stitching detail at the waist line which gives the appearance of an hour-glass figure.  Look for one that hits right at hip level for the best length.  Have a big booty?  Grab a bigger purse.  Larger bags downplay a larger figure while small pocketbooks can make you look larger in comparison.  So, yes, bigger is better.  Another thing that is a great addition to any wardrobe is a pair of nude colored pumps. The fleshy color can make legs look a mile long.  Make it a platform pump, a mile and a half long.  In a word (or more), nude pumps are a gift to gams.  I am so incredibly in love with my pair (found here)Today's lesson:  A few fabulous neutral pieces with a splash of colored accessories can turn a blah outfit into a bangin' one.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

all around the mulberry bush.

sweater: Urban Outfitters, top: Ann Taylor Loft, belt: thrifted, skirt: NY&Co, tights: Target, shoes: Shoe Carnival
Oh dear, I borrowed these lovely mulberry-colored opaque tights from my sister while I was home for fall break and now I'm not quite ready to give them up.  I'm in an awkward transitional stage with my wardrobe right now and trying to make warmer weather pieces last a bit longer before I stash them away.  Solution?  Throwing some opaque tights under a short skirt keeps bare legs toasty for at least the time being.  Same thing goes for sleeveless blouses, just add on a sweater.  I started buying lovely transitional pieces towards the end of summer in darker colors which I knew would still look appropriate once the weather became cooler.

There are so so so many things I find to be flattering about this outfit.  First, there is a vertical pleating detail in the blouse that has an elongating effect on the torso.  Look for vertical-oriented details (pleats, stripes, ruffles, etc.) to give a longer, leaner appearance.  Second, the pockets on the sweater curve inward towards the body, which gives the appearance of an hour-glass silhouette and accentuates the waist.  Third, skinny, braided belts are a great way to just bring it all in.  Just another way to bring you closer to that awesome hour-glass shape.  Fourth, opaque tights in darker shades have a slimming effect on legs.  Black tights are a trust-worthy piece, but don't be afraid to get creative!  Look for shades like navy blue, indigo violet , or maroon. 

So, go out into the world, honeys, and get yourself some opaque tights!
You won't regret it.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What I am lovin' this week (Oct. 17)

Honeys, these are some pieces I absolutely adore that I found while moseying around the internet.  Probably should be working on my senior research paper, but I decided this must be shared!  Maybe my mama will take a look-see and find somethings to put under the Christmas tree for her darling daughter?  Wink, wink.  Nudge, nudge.  Or maybe she'll see that I was doing this instead of school work and give me an ear-full.  Let's hope for the former.

 Anyways, here is where you will find these fabulous pieces:
1.  Tano "Thin Lizzy,"  2. Ann Taylor Loft "Military Sweater Coat," 3. Ann Taylor Loft "Striped Merino Wool Blazer," 4. Asos Curve "Cotton Crochet Trim Chick Dress," 5. Emerson Made "The One and Only Flower Chain," 6. Anthropologie "Souffle Necklace," 7. Anthropologie "Relaxed Collar Lace-ups," 8. Fossil "Tamiko High Heel Oxford,"  9.  Asos Curve "Gathered Waistband Dress," 10.  Nine West "Neves Clutch"

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

big red.

cardigan: Gap, dress: Anthropologie, belt: American Eagle Outfitters, shoes: ALDO
Ladies and gents,
I present to you my favorite dress ever.  First of all, it's in my favorite color.  Second, it has ruffles.  Third, it has a vintage vibe, which for some reason caused me to feel an old English fairy tale book would be a good prop (reasoning might be slightly questionable).  But it is a sad day, honeys, because the weather is getting a wee bit too cold for me to wear this lovely dress o' mine.  You might just see me in December wearing this under a parka with some snow boots.  So, why, oh why, is this outfit a flatterer of the curvier figure?   Let me tell ya...

The dress has a fitted bodice, then the fabric flows away from the body.  Look for something fitted in the hips that gradually widens towards the hem (This style is called A-line).  Size two to twenty, A-line is flattering for all figures. Other fits can hug through the hips and thighs, which I try to avoid aside from the occasional black pencil skirt. 

As you see, I am a creature of habit when it comes to the addition of a lovely cardigan.  Look for a sweater that hits right at the hip as it gives a longer appearance to the torso.  Cropped cardis can take length away and make the body look squished (for lack of a better word).  

If I plan to wear a cardigan opened in an outfit, I usually throw a belt over to give a more hour-glass shape.  It's a quick and easy way to bring a defined silhouette to an outfit and cinch the appearance of the waistline.  What's not to love?

a-line dress+hip length cardi+waist cinching belt=
one fabulously dressed curvy lady.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

ruffling a few feathers.

headband: Gap, cardigan: Old Navy, tank: J. Crew,
skinny jeans: NY&Co., heels: Shoe Carnival  

Hi, honeys!  Exciting day, right? Bring out the metaphorical bubbly because it's my first outfit post.  Now let me bestow some knowledge upon you.

A.)  Dark rinse denim is your friend.  Scratch that.  Best friend.  When shopping for denim, I always look for a super dark rinse. Shades like indigo, charcoal, or black are the most slimming. Also, I look for denim without whiskering on the hips or fading on the thighs. (example)  My reasoning?  Whiskering + Fading= Arch nemesis to my bottom half.  Details in a lighter rinse have an accentuating effect, which is quite the opposite of slimming.  Also, don't be afraid of the skinny jean if you aren't the skinniest person!  Look for a good fit (no gapping at the waist, no dreaded "muffin top" effect, and, heaven forbid, no camel toe).  Also, don't be afraid to go a bit longer in length.  If the length is too short, it can make legs look a wee bit stunted.  Something that covers the heel is lovely. Just scrunch it up to get the right length.  Phew, I could write a book on denim alone. 

B.)  I love ruffles.  It's a wonderful way to add a touch of femininity and softness to a look.  It's a great way to accentuate your, ahem, better features.  Word to the wise, ruffles are best in small doses.  A little detail here and there can make all the difference in the outfit, but go overboard and you will be looking like one of ladies of the Moulin Rouge. 

C.)  Now that it's fall, it's time to bust out those comfy cardigans!  Cardis are a great way of extending the life of your summer wardrobe.  I dig this one in particular because it hits right at the hip, which has a lengthening effect on the torso.  Anything a bit shorter or longer can have the opposite effect, which is no good

D.) High heels and I have a super complicated relationship.  I love that it can make your legs look like they go on for miles and lift your rump, but I can't seem to go five steps without it spelling disaster.  Maybe I should take a class or two on how to walk in these puppies. 

E.)  When wearing an outfit that is quite monochromatic, cute little headbands are one of my favorite ways to add in a bit of color.  Not to mention it couldn't be any easier to just add-in. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

nice to meet ya.

  dress: J. Crew, bracelets: Francesca's Boutique, sweet coffee mug: Pier 1 Imports
Hello!  My name is Emily (that's me...right up there) and I have decided to start a little blog dedicated to the curvaceous and fashionable.  I will be posting pictures of my personal outfitting choices, along with tips and tricks for flattering buxom bodies.  I will also be on the lookout for other ladies showing some good ol' fashion gusto, so if you are feeling fly, shoot me an e-mail at  Please include a picture or two of your outfit and where it's from. 

So, a bit about yours truly.  I am currently in my last year of college and plan to graduate this Spring with a B.A. in Political Science.  Not quite related to fashion, right?  Well, outside of my studies, my current job is a slave to the retail gods (aka sales associate).  That, combined with avid fashion magazine reading and an unhealthy shopping habit my bank account cannot support has led me to my love of fashion.  I have tried too many trends to count (yes, even emo.  hello, high school years!) and have finally settled on what fits and flatters my body best.  I'd simply describe my style as mixing a little bit of this n' that.

Some of my favorite stores are...
J. Crew, Ann Taylor LOFT, Francesca's Boutique, Bevello, Target, Nine West, Aldo, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters, AE, Gap, Old Navy, New York & Company, TJ Maxx/Marshalls, etc.  

That's all for now, so here's to doing my laundry, replacing the dead batteries in my camera, and getting started!

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