Thursday, October 21, 2010

black & blue

It's been a crazy couple o' days, honeys,
but it is finally the weekend!  I get to head back to my hometown tomorrow for some good old fashioned family time, which means I'll actually have someone there to take my pictures!  No more setting the self-time to 10 seconds, running to the front door, and somehow striking a pose I am semi-happy with.  Saturday will be filled with some much-needed retail therapy with my darling sister.  I've definitely been waiting to get my hands on some adorable booties, or maybe a classic trench coat and some killer accessories.  Or one of those gorgeous silk blouses with the big floppy bow tied at the neck.  Oh, the possibilities are endless!  At least until my checking account has reached its end.  Now I ask you, what are some items I can't do without this fall?  Leave your thoughts in a comment below.  I'd love to hear 'em!

shirt: NY&Co, cardigan: AE Outfitters, belt: thrifted, jeans: NY&Co, shoes: AE Outfitters
So, let's have a little chat about why I find this outfit to be flattering.  First, the blouse is a sheer, thin material, which does not add on bulk.  No bulk=slimming!  V-necks taper downward, which has a similar effect on the silhouette by creating the appearance of a smaller waistline.  Belts are also an easy way of getting that desired hour-glass shape.  Find yourself with a set of bazoombas (ahem, cleavage)?  Ruffles and a v-neck are both tasteful ways to accentuate your better feature.  And, as always, opt for a darker color to have a slimming effect on the bottom half.  There you have it!  More tricks to hide up your sleeve for dressing that buxom body.  

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  1. I love your way of writing Emily! And the expressions "killer accessories" are just spot on big time, credit to you for that!
    I would love if you could change one thing on your blog - I would love it if you could reveal like 10 blogposts at the same time so I dont have to click on older posts every time. :'D
    Fashion Ranger

  2. thank you so much for the compliment and the suggestion! i'm definitely still figuring out this fashion blogging thing bit by bit (and will be for a long time), so every tidbit of advice helps.



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