Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm a mouse, duh.

Happy Halloween weekend, honeys!
Amanda Seyfried in Mean Girls

I'm off to my first party of the weekend in a little bit and not going to lie, I totally forgot to snatch up a costume this week because things were kind of crazy. This resulted in hurriedly attempting to find some simple costume that wouldn't also be seen in a red light district in a store that had been seriously picked over. The result? A lovely mouse ensemble to the chime of 7 buckaroos. Fine by me! And drum roll please...
 It even came with a little mouse bow-tie.
costume: Halloween Unlimited, cardi: Target, dress: Target, belt: thrifted, tights: Target, shoes: AE Outfitters
I feel like I need some spats and a cane because I'm looking like the Rockefeller's house mouse. I decided to spruce it up a bit and add some opaque tights and a matching mulberry pucker (I'm wearing M.A.C. Rebel). So, everyone have a wonderful Halloween weekend! 'Til next time, honeys!

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