Wednesday, October 27, 2010

lizzy (pt. 2)

vest: AE outfitters, sweater: AE outfitters, jeggings: NY&CO, shoes: Nine West
Bom dia, honeys!  Now that I've pretty much exhausted all I know in Portuguese (yup, that was it), I guess we can move on.  So I have discovered that Wednesday's are mighty good for napping and blogging, unfortunately class and some cleaning interrupted my plans.  But I won't let that get me down because there is an awesome storm blowing in and I have some mighty big windows to look out of. The one thing I like about my apartment.  I gave up air conditioning and a dishwasher for big windows with a nice view.  Some may say my priorities be mixed up, I say it's all a waste if you don't have something pretty to look at.

Well, as you see, it's onto part deux of blog posts featuring my sister!  Doesn't she look all collegiate with that crest on her vest?  She is currently attending American Eagle Outfitters University (kidding!).  So it isn't an actual college crest, but there are plenty o' good things to say about this ensemble.  First of all, this vest features a faint pinstripe.  Vertical details such as the pinstripe have an elongating effect because it runs length-wise on the body.  Worn on a vest or blazer, it can add desired length to the torso.  Pinstripes found on a pencil skirt or trousers have a visually lengthening effect on the legs.  I believe 1920 mobsters were onto something.  Second, use layers to have a slimming effect without adding on bulk.  In this outfit, my sister paired a 3/4 length sleeve, light-weight sweater with a tailored vest, which achieves a layered look without looking weighed down.  Also, layering items with different necklines has a slimming effect.  A scoop neck sweater paired with an opened, tailored vest is one of many different pairings that  can be used to accomplish a slimming effect while layering.  Lastly, wear a uniform dark rinse sans whiskering or fading to slim the bottom half.  

 And if I could just direct your attention over to the right-hand column, I have put all my suggestions from previous posts into one post to reference whenever you want!  So just click where it says "Click for tips & tricks à la emily+fashion" if you feel like you need some guidance.  'Til next time, honeys!

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  1. That vest is sooo cute! I love how you paired it!

  2. Hey Emily!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    I like the vest to, it is really cute. I love your blog concept.

    <3 lilmissfina

  3. your blog is so cool! I really like this vest!


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