Tuesday, October 26, 2010

tips and tricks!

Tips and Tricks
à la Emily+Fashion

Tip #1
Always dress to fit your body.
 Wearing a larger size does not make you look slimmer in comparison, it makes you look even larger!  Wearing smaller sizes only shows more of what you want to hide.  Start thinking,  "These clothes should fit me"  instead of "I have to fit into these clothes" and you'll do just fine.

Tip #2
Dark colors are slimming.
If you are heavier on the bottom than you are on top, dress your lower half in a dark shade.  Other way around?  Wear a darker shade on top.  Look for uniform shading.  Details like whiskering and fading accentuate the area it highlights.  Want to slim your hips and trim your thighs?  Don't wear jeans with whiskering on the hips or with fading on the thighs.  Opaque tights in a dark shade are an alternative to wearing pants if wearing a dress or skirt.

Tip #3  
  Tops should hit at the hip.
Calling all your cardigans, blouses, and jackets!  To have the most elongating effect on the torso, tops should hit right at the hip.   A shorter length takes length away from the torso and a longer length can take away length from the legs. 

Tip #4
Sky-high heels, mile-long legs.
But hey, no pain, no gain!  High heels lengthen the leg and lift your rump.  Platform pumps in a fleshy color take this benefit to the max.  The unbelievably fashionable bootie that hits underneath the ankle bone also has a lengthening effect.  A good compromise is a stacked heel or a wedge.  It has a similar effect without the risk.  Trust me, mountain living and sky high heels are personally considered to be mutually exclusive.

Tip #5
Want to streamline?  Think A-line.
An A-line can be identified as a style that is fitted at the hips and gradually  widens towards the hem.  This style conceals full hips.  To keep the body in balance, pair with a fitted top.
Tip #6
Highlight your waistline.
 Wearing a belt at the natural waist-line to create a slimmer silhouette.  A belt worn over a loose fitting top gives structure to an otherwise shapeless garment. It will only bring you closer to the much sought-after hour-glass figure.

Tip #7
Vertical details give a longer, leaner appearance.
Look for vertical-oriented details to have an elongating effect on the torso.  Ruffles, pin stripes, and pleating that runs length-wise are just a few of many options to utilize to achieve this effect.  Scarves can also be used to accomplish a leaner appearance. Wear scarves so the ends form a long line down the torso.

Tip #8
 Asymmetry tricks the eye (in a good way).
Asymmetry can be found in embellishments, hemlines, zippers, and beyond.  Styles such as wrap dresses and one-shoulder dresses also have the same asymmetrical appearance.  By visually placing things off balance, the eye is tricked into perceiving the body differently from reality.

 Tip #9
I get by with a little help from my friend, Spanx. 
 Find yourself in need of some extra support?  Invest in some shapewear to help give an appearance that looks seamless and smooth.  Shapewear can be purchased in various styles that target specific trouble areas in need of a little more assistance.

Tip #10
 Have confidence!
A great outfit can definitely give you a confidence boost, but you have to carry yourself the rest of the way.  Even the best-dressed woman will fall short if she doesn't believe she is the best.  So love your curves and love yourself.  Only good things can follow.


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