Sunday, October 24, 2010

What I am lovin' this week (Oct. 24)


Here is where you will find these marvelous pieces:
1.  Anthropologie "Traced Aureolin Bag," 2. Steve Madden "Beestow," 3.  Anthropologie "Many Tales Necklace," 4. Ruche "Fans for Feathers Bracelets," 5. Michael Stars "Obi Leather Belt," 6. Ruche "Avery Hair Clip/Brooch"

So, my new goal is to start stocking up on some marvelous accessories.  There's no easier, possibly cheaper way to update an outdated outfit and turn it into something fresh.  Start seeing a handbag or a pair of shoes as an opportunity to add in some color and detail.  Trust me, it can make the outfit.  So either I'm going to have to find me a sugar daddy (kidding!) or pick up an extra shift or two at work because I need to start stashin' up some great pieces.  Maybe I'll even get crafty and start making some of those adorable fabric flowers.  I'd say it's time to pay a visit to

Well, yet another weekend has ended and I'm already longing for the next one.  Hopefully that mentality won't cause the actual weekdays to suck as I wait for Halloween weekend (yes!).  So what, oh what, was I up to?  As promised, I went shopping and bought a lovely pair of booties if I do say so myself (seen here)Actually, I'm not entirely sure if "booties" is the right label for these shoes that are having a wee bit of an identity crisis.  Needless to say, they have barely left my feet ever since I bought them and they will definitely be making an appearance.

Another promise fulfilled! My sister and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon playing dress-up and photos from that sesh will be up soon.  Outdoor photography kicks crummy apartment photography's hiney.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I headed back to my hometown to visit family, so I present to you my adorable younger sister and I from about seventeen years ago.  Wasn't she cute?!  And she still is, but there is quite the chance of said "cuteness" transforming into a whole new level of p.o.'d once she sees I posted this picture.  Pfft, I'll risk it.  We were some sassy girls. 'Til next time, honeys!

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