Friday, November 19, 2010

Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

Lela Rose at Payless

I have decided to give myself a lazy day.  Allow myself to regenerate a little, perhaps.  Well, not entirely lazy.  I did write a cover letter and submit my resume for an internship.  Go me!  Other than that, the day consisted of sleeping in, doing the equivalent of window shopping online, and watching reruns of The Office. I think my landlord has heard me laughing enough to last him an eternity.    And it's not the cute giggly laugh, it is the horribly boisterous guffaw with the occasional snort sprinkled in.  What can I say?  I'm cute.  

Anyways, while I was "window shopping," I made finding affordable guest designer lines the object of my search.  Talk about a gift to poor college students.  It seems like every designer and their uncle has made their pieces more affordable and accessible by becoming a guest designer.  Lela Rose, one of my absolute favorite designers, has such incredibly flirty and feminine pieces that I just dream about.  Unfortunately, products are more often than not outside of my measly budget.  Well, wasn't I absolutely ecstatic to see Lela Rose has a guest line at Payless Shoes?!  The shoes (seen above) are nothing short of the flirtatious and feminine design, yet much shorter on the cost.   I'm about to run out and snatch up those classic tweed pumps and I am drooling over that wonderfully saturated cranberry color. 

Here are some more guest lines I came across on my search.  Enjoy!

Lanvin for H&M
Christian Siriano for Payless
Isabel Toledo for Payless 
Vera Wang for Kohl's 
Mulberry  for Target
Dolce Vita for Target 

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  1. Amazing shoes! the red ones are my favourite!

  2. Beautifull post :D i’m new on blogger and if you want to follow me i’ll follow you back! Xoxo

  3. I love the BOWS! Didn't know Lela Rose had a line a payless. must check it out.

  4. LOVELY heels! I wish we have Kohl's and Target here but we don't =( I envy!


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