Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sweater song

sweater- Steve & Barrys, tank- Gap, belt- AE outfitters, jeans- NY&Co, shoes- Aldo
Honeys, I am pooped.  And I am pretty sure that level of pooped-ness will only increase in the days to come.  Maybe now it's time to stop saying pooped?  I'm pretty sure three times is enough for one blog entry.  But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  My precious gam gam's (aka Grandma Sheila) birthday is this weekend and it is also Gay BINGO!  Sad to say it is the final Gay BINGO and oh, how I will miss the divine diva Shelita Hamm, but it is still going to be a fabulous time.  If you are in the Charlotte, NC area and are interested in having a wonderful evening in support of the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN) and the LGBT community, click here and more information about RAIN can be found here.  Did I mention this year's theme is Glee?!


Now onto the outfit!  Oh, how I love this wonderful grandpa sweater.  It makes me want to put on some big wire-frame glasses and make myself a gin martini, or at least that's what my grandpa would do.  He also still argues court cases in his sleep years after being retired.  Funny and true!  So here's what I like about this outfit. Dark colors worn in a sweater on top and dark rinse jeans on bottom are slimming on a curvy figure.  If you have a feature you want to accentuate, look for details to draw attention to that area.  This top in particular had a glossy gray fabric with a scalloped edge and some cute little buttons.  Cute as a button, right? Shoes with a heel add height (yes to long and lean!) and lifts your rump.  For those who can't really wear stilettos without knowing danger is looming, a stacked heel is a safe(r) bet while still giving you the same effect.  'Til next time, honeys!


  1. Love the sweater! Actually love the whole outfit!

  2. great outfit..
    blogwalking here,
    please have a look to my page and tell me what you think. :D

    rubic style

  3. I love your blog, Emily! You make me wish I had the motivation to keep mine updated, haha.

  4. SO excited for Gay Bingo! I have my cardigan and bowtie ready.

  5. I love that sweater and gay bingo sounds fun! hahah


  6. You look fabulous! Your belted cardi look is perfection!

  7. Your adorable!
    And so innovative!
    Thanks for visiting my site!
    I'm following you now too!

  8. I loooove your outfit post! Great look!

    Maryjane xoxo

  9. Great outfit!! Loving your blog :) I am following you!!

    ~Kirstin Marie



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