Sunday, November 7, 2010

What I am lovin' this week (Nov. 7)

1 "Suede Tote" Gap, 2 "Crosby Snake Print Archer" Cole Haan, 3 "Escher" Nine West, 4 "Pretty In Pleats Mustard Skirt" C. Luce, 5 "Yukata Dress" Anthropologie 6 "Soda Fountain Dress Ginger" Mod Cloth 7 "Warm and Bubbly Dress" Mod Cloth 8 "Cascading Chrysanthemums Top" Ruche, 9 "Delicately Dijon Dress" Mod Cloth, 10 "Autumn Wheat Dress" Mod Cloth

Happy daylight savings time, honeys!I've seriously been looking forward to gaining that one measly hour of sleep since September, but one hour seriously makes so much of a difference. For example, I woke up naturally at 8:30 this morning then did three loads of laundry (folded too!) by 1 o'clock. Now if I could just maintain that wonderful pattern, that would be lovely. Unfortunately I know it won't be long until I get some class assignment that causes me to stay up way too late and I will be back to my old habits.

Now the inspiration for this installment of "What I am lovin' this week" comes from a bit of a random place. There is this wonderful little tune by the name of "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I heard it earlier this year, loved it then. It recently popped on my Pandora radio station, I'm loving it even more now. The song and video might as well have just fallen out of the 1960s, which got the wheels turning about clothing of the era. I immediately thought of this lovely mustard yellow. It's just so soft and golden, reminds me of the glow from a fireplace. Maybe you have the same thoughts or maybe it's just me.  'Til next time, honeys!


  1. All the mustard yellow reminds me of a dress on the Rachel Zoe Project when she went to some ball with Marc Jacobs. Love it! And love the new logo by the way :)


  2. I LOVE(!) the picture of the mustard yellows, it's such a beautiful colour and the dresses is just so cute. I love it!
    Fashion Ranger

  3. And by the way - your new header is gorgeous! Great choice of color.

  4. Great set! I really want that Soda Fountain Dress Ginger from Modcloth. Thanks for a great blog! xxx

  5. I love the mustard yellow, it is so vintage. I want every single piece.

  6. Loving everything in this post! Especially the heels ... those might have to come home with me next time I go to the mall.

  7. I adore yellow. It's my favorite at the moment. Great picks!


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