Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday outfits for under 100 smackers (Pt. deux)

Here you have it, honeys. The second segment to "Holiday outfits for under 100 smackers." Yay! Seriously, I'm about to go out and by those satin bow heels and that edgy pyramid clutch. Well, I would if I didn't blow an entire paycheck on repairing my hair from a disastrous encounter with a bottle of at-home hair dye. Lesson learned. I, Emily Ann, am not a professional hairstylist and swear to never ever ever do such dreadful things to my hair ever again. A.) While the bottle stated "auburn," I got this horrendous red, almost red-violet color. B.) While being uber nervous about missing spots on my head, I spent way too much time with the dye on my hair. Now I have little frizzies all on top of my head. That day was a sad, sad day. My hair will mourn it in the years to come. But after a two hour sesh at Carmen! Carmen! Salon e Spa and a bill that made me wince a little, Jasmine, the goddess of hair color, got my hair lookin' super fine. Not to mention the complementary hot tea, amaaazing scalp massage (I nearly melted in my chair), and pretty darn nice discount for being a mall employee made me feel a little bit better about that dent in my checking account. Pictures coming soon! Now I'm off to work because apparently they don't understand what "put me on for one day this week because I have exams" means.  Oh, well.  'Til next time, honeys!
1 Lulu's "Cosmopolitan Fuchsia Pink Dress" 2 Charlotte Russe "Satin Bow Peeptoe Heels" 3 Delia's "Lo Animal Print Clutch" 4 Forever 21 "Antique Double Disc Earrings" 5 Charlotte Russe "Pointelle Vertical Lined Tights"
1 Forever 21+ "Belted Wrap Dress" 2 Lulu's "Show and Tell Peeptoe Ankle Booties"  3 Charlotte Russe "Fishnet Gem Bracelets"  4 Forever 21 "Encrusted Teardrop Earrings" 5 Charlotte Russe "Eric Daman Oversized Black Foldover Clutch"


  1. I want those peeptoe booties and studded clutch for Christmas. Please and thank you...

  2. Great post! :) Love all the shoes.

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