Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let's ring in 2011 with a blooper.

 jacket: NY & Company, dress: NY & Company, belt: Kohls, leggings: Target, boots: Torrid
It's 2011, honeys!  I hope everyone ended 2010 with a bang.     
I personally went out with some of my best lady frans, had (more than) a few pints, and listened to some awesome live music.  One girl in particular was definitely feeling said live music.  Boy was she busting a move all by her lonesome in front of the stage.  I applaud her for her zest for life.   Then we walked around downtown, got a fire engine to toot their horn, gave fabulous directions to some out-of-towners only to see them head in a completely different direction, got random high-fives from some guy while his friend kept saying how he was new to America, and watched the fireworks at midnight from the top of a parking garage (and stared into peoples' swanky downtown lofts).  Interesting sequence of events, yes?

So today's outfit post is brought to you in video format purely by accident.  I noticed a few entirely awkward things about myself in the quick 8 seconds.  1.) I make weird noises when having my picture taken.  2.) I have a laugh similar to Kendra Wilkinson, which I am not too happy about. 3.) My greeting to the world was "wassup."  If I was ever in a situation when I addressed the entire global population, I truly hope I can find something a bit more eloquent to say rather than "wassup, world."  So, there you have it: me in all my awkward glory.  'Til next time, honeys!


  1. Happy New Year, I hope 2011 is a great year for you xx

  2. glad to have you along on the blog!

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