Friday, November 12, 2010

Field trip!

caridgan- thrifted, shirt- NY&Co, belt- AE Outfitters, skirt- Fossil, leggings- Target, shoes- Nine West

Happy weekend, honeys! I hope you have managed to leave the stresses of the work/school week behind. I am back in the good ol' Dash, which is Winston-Salem to you outsiders, for the weekend and decided to go along with my mama on a trip to this little new park. It's absolutely lovely, if I do say so myself. So after my mom ran her little heart out around the path while I read a magazine, I had her snap a few photos of yours truly. She was a trooper as we walked around trying to find places with good lighting.

I decided to abandon the skinny jeans for once (well more than once, but I need to do it way more often) and paired a nice full, flowy skirt with some chocolate brown leggings. Turned out quite nice, don't you think? The skirt flows away from the body, which is a wonderful way to conceal larger hips and thighs. Dark leggings underneath have a slimming effect on legs. The cardigan hits at the hip and adds length to the torso while the belt over top adds definition to the waistline, creating an hour-glass silhouette. Well, that's all for now! I'm off to celebrate my grandma's birthday.  Shhh! It's a surprise, I only say it on here because I'm pretty sure she doesn't know about this blog o' mine. The 10th and final Gay BINGO tomorrow night! 'Til next time, honeys!


  1. Lovely blog! I am a huge fan of the belted cardigan look, though my hubby disapproves :) You pull it off very well. And your grandpa cardi in the last post is so freakin' cute, I need one!

  2. I love how fallish your background is and I adore the skirt with the leggings!

  3. You look lovely! Love your blog :) XX

  4. I love the cardigan, such an awesome color ♥
    Have a nice weekend you too.

  5. love the pictures! they look really good, nice fall feeling too them :)

    and the legging + skirt idea is super, makes me feel more comfortable and less self conscious when i were looser clothing anyways! great post

  6. you r really pretty :) xo

  7. I just always think that skirts are more flattering on me than a pair of pants, they are just so unapologetically feminine!

    I literally blushed with joy when I saw your comment on my blog. I would love to stay in touch with you and am now following your blog. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  8. You look crazy pretty lady. Those colors are so great together!


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