Tuesday, October 19, 2010

back to basics

shirt: Target, skinnies: NY&Co, blazer: Fossil, shoes: Aldo, scarf: Delias, purse: Urban Outfitters

I present to you...
my take on the basic white t-shirt and dark wash skinny jeans, which are pretty much what I would consider to be a wardrobe stable.  Just add a few more pieces and BAM, whole new outfit. As you see, I added a basic tweed blazer, a colorful scarf, some killer heels, and a BIG whopper of a purse.  Just a few things about this outfit, honeys.

Every closet should have a nice, structured blazer.  This blazer in particular has a banded stitching detail at the waist line which gives the appearance of an hour-glass figure.  Look for one that hits right at hip level for the best length.  Have a big booty?  Grab a bigger purse.  Larger bags downplay a larger figure while small pocketbooks can make you look larger in comparison.  So, yes, bigger is better.  Another thing that is a great addition to any wardrobe is a pair of nude colored pumps. The fleshy color can make legs look a mile long.  Make it a platform pump, a mile and a half long.  In a word (or more), nude pumps are a gift to gams.  I am so incredibly in love with my pair (found here)Today's lesson:  A few fabulous neutral pieces with a splash of colored accessories can turn a blah outfit into a bangin' one.

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  1. nice start for a blog! i'm following :) xoxo


  2. hello gorgeous! :) lovely outfit. work it gurl! :* mwa!~


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  4. Emily!
    I love your blog, thank you so much for mailing me at IFB. This is great and you are so beautiful and radiate positive vibes throughout your amazing kinesics. I look forward to your next blogpost.
    Fashion Ranger

  5. Loving this outfit and loving your blog, keep it up - Claire x


  6. This look is SO cute! The nude shoe is to DIE for! Love it :)


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